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Manouria emys emys

Burmese Brown Tortoise

Distribution: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Empire Stock: WC exported from Indonesia and CBR zoo stock.

Size: Up to 50cm.

Habitat: Moist upland forests.

Diet: Romaine, cactus, dandelion, squash, mango, mushrooms, banana, papaya. Edible Plants

Sexing: Males have longer thicker tails and a concave plastron.



Care Sheets: CTTC 1 , CTTC  2 , TT , WCT


Not breeding, just two males exploring their new pen.

Female covering nest. It was half this high when she added the eggs.

The finished nest contains wet soil from a wet area of the pen, clipped grass and hibiscus, food items, mulch, and leaves that were on the ground.

For about a week she tended the nest both adding to it and defending it. When she noticed me she came right up and sniffed me up and down and went again and again for the exposed white meat.

Suggested Reading

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