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Pangshura s. smithi

Brown Roofed Turtle

Distribution: Northern India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Empire Stock: WC exported from Pakistan.

Size: 23 cm.

Habitat: Found in the Indus River system and occasionally the Ganges.

Diet: I feed mine Mazuri Freshwater Turtle, Mazuri Tortoise, fish, banana, mangoes, strawberries, cantaloupe, romaine, and Eichhornia crassipes.

Sexing: Males have a longer thicker tail with the vent at or beyond the carapacial rim. Males also attain a much smaller size than females.

Breeding: Clutch sizes have ranged from 5-7 eggs. Genotypic Sex Determination (GSD)

Notes: These turtles love to bask, but are quick to hit the water when disturbed.

Care Sheets:


Shortly after 911 a few shipments of these turtles came in. Since then...nothing. They are now CITES appendix II, but this shouldn't stop them from being legally imported.

These are sun loving turtles.

Close up.

Carapace and Plastron


Below is a comparison of female (left)  and male (right) sizes. All of the turtles I received in 2001 were about the size of the male.

Female nesting.

The first hatching at the Empire. This one was followed by eight more.

Within a few weeks of hatching.

This turtle is a few months old.

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