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Elseya novaeguinea

New Guinea Snapping Turtle

DISTRIBUTION: The island of New Guinea (Papua and Irian Jaya).

EMPIRE STOCK: WC exported from Indonesia and most likely came from West Papua New Guinea.

SIZE: Up to 30 cm.

HABITAT: Found in Rivers and swamps.

DIET: Carnivorous. I feed mine Mazuri Freshwater Turtle pellets, and fish.

SEXING: Males have longer thicker tails than females.

BREEDING: Eggs of this species are brittle and should be handled carefully and incubated at a high humidity. Genotypic Sex Determination (GSD)

NOTES: Hatchlings tend to be shy and grow quickly.

 From what I understand there is work underway to reclassify the New Guinea Elseya and when it is finished there may be 5+ species, instead of the 3 presently described. I have grouped my animals as best I can given the current understanding of the distribution and taxonomy of this genus. Others have not and many of the CB offspring offered for sale are the result of blending two different Elseya.




Side view of head.



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