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Weeki Wachee Springs

This is one of Florida's older attractions. Famous for its mermaid shows which take place in the spring, there is also a small water park and a glass bottom boat ride that allows visitors to see otters, manatee, turtles, and various fresh and saltwater fish. I spent the whole day diving and found out later that there were Alligator Snappers on the tour. Just my luck. The spring is now open for diving between mermaid shows. I got in through my local dive shop for a decent price. It was worth doing once, in my opinion.


The "castle" used in the mermaid shows. Other props are scattered between the spring and the viewing gallery. Poking around in the "castle", and  messing with props or air hoses is frowned upon. In the down time between shows mermaids-in-training practice routines. I was only able to get 49' down into the spring. It  goes much deeper, but the flow out of the spring was too  great with the amount of weight I had. It is also tight at the bottom and there is a danger of wedging.


Peninsula Cooter Pseudemys floridana peninsularis. During the mermaid show, a couple of Cooters swam around the actors. Of course, when you want a picture of one eating algae they get shy.

Florida Redbelly Cooter male (long nails and long tail) Pseudemys nelsoni.

Possibly the same Florida Redbelly Cooter.

Mangrove Snapper Lutjanus griseus.