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Deirochelys reticularia chrysea

Florida Chicken Turtle

Florida distribution: entire state.

Identification: up to 25 cm. Striped "pants" like a Yellow-bellied Slider, but with broad stripes on front legs.


Notice the broad stripes on the front legs.


And the striped "pants". This trait is also found in the Yellowbelly Slider, but that turtle can be differentiated by the large yellow blotch behind the eyes, thin lines on the forelimbs, differently marked carapace, and black markings on the plastrons.

This male is a very nicely colored animal from a private collection.

The carapace is marked quite differently from the Yellowbelly and the Peninsula Cooter.

Broad stripes on front legs.

The stripes are bleeding together but can still be differentiated from the Peninsular Cooter's markings.