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Updated 15 August 2010

I will be attending the National Reptile Breeder's Expo in Daytona Florida the 20th to the 22nd of August. Due to a bad winter combined with good sales throughout the year I wont have much at tables 373-375, but stop by and say hello anyway.


The site is divided into 13 major pages.  Links to these can be found at the top of every page on the site.

You are looking at the Home page. It is the gateway to this site. Major additions and changes to the entire site will be directly linked to this page for a month or so. So please check back here from time to time.

The Bio MS page contains a short bio with an equally brief website mission statement.

The Pricelist page lists any currently available excess offspring and all the species I am working with. Common names link to species pages with pictures, some species specific information, links to care sheets from other websites, and useful literature citations. This way keepers and potential keepers can collect and compare as much data as possible. Peak availability for most species is May through August. This page also contains terms and conditions. It will also list any reptile shows I am attending.

The Edible Plants page shows plants that can be fed to tortoises.

The Florida Turtle Fossils page will eventually contain pictures and information about the fossil turtles and tortoises of Florida's past.

The Florida Turtles page has links to species pages with pictures and basic information on the tortoise and turtle species currently found in the state of Florida as well as links to pages on the other reptiles and amphibians found in Florida. THERE IS NO CARE INFORMATION GIVEN ON THESE PAGES, as I am not trying to promote keeping these species. Also, please do not ask me to acquire any Florida species for you whether they are legal or illegal. The only animals I sell are those that I produce. I keep my native and exotic activities separate. Besides, there are plenty of pages on the web with that care information already, many can be found on my Links page.

The Roadkill  page covers my work with native Florida turtles and the recovery of eggs from road-killed turtles. These eggs are hatched and the offspring released. Check it out.

The Presentations page lists some of the presentations I have given, any scheduled talks coming up,  and information on how to book me.

The Books page lists books found in my library with a short description of each. This page is intended to help interested parties find books they may not be aware of. However, I do not deal in books. There are links to great book dealers on the links page.

The Videos page contains turtle videos taken over the years. In 2010 I hope to replace these with higher quality videos.

The Turtles of the World page will contain photos and general information on the living turtles of the world. This will be under construction for some time.

The Links page contains an eclectic group of links. This is by no means link central, just links that I have found useful, or entertaining.

The Glossary page is just that, a glossary of terms relating to turtles and turtle keeping.

In addition to these 13 areas there are pages for fossil and herping trips I have taken - the links are below.

Alexander Springs 1,2,3, Amarillo TX 1, 2, Chelonian Research Institute, Chipola River, Desoto County Shell Pit, Egmont Key, Escambia River, Guadalupe River TX 1,2,3 In Search of Carolina Diamondback Terrapins 1, 2, In Search of East Coast Diamondback Terrapins 1,2,3, In Search of Mangrove Diamondback Terrapins, In Search of Ornate Diamondback Terrapins 1,2, Peace River 1,2,3, The Turtle Hospital, Weeki Wachee Springs. Withlacoochee 1,2, Venice Beach.


Questions? Comments? Contact me, Eric B. Holt at eric@empireoftheturtle.com

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